Soup to nuts. Sometimes you just want the soup and sometimes you’re in for the whole thing. We’re okay with that.

Each of our assignments is customized to your needs and your budget. Maybe you just need someone to take a quick look at a property and give you an opinion in a day or two, or maybe you would like a much more in-depth analysis to support a major planning endeavor. Whatever the scenario, we are happy to help.


We utilize national and local data on economic indicators, real estate trends, and local trends, and then layer in our own primary research to dig in to what’s really going on at the root of the information.

Market Analysis.

We crunch through the information, challenge it, stew on it, and synthesize. Rather than just provide you with data, we want to provide you with the “so what?”


At the heart of our recommendations is your success. We pride ourselves in providing actionable yet creative recommendations that maximize your market opportunity.

What can we help you with?

  • Target market identification
  • Land use programming and phasing
  • Land optimization analysis
  • Amenity recommendations
  • Competitive positioning
  • Recommendations on builder programs
  • Consumer research
  • Land plan analysis and critique to maximize land value and capture
  • Audit of existing developments to identify strategies for increased market share
  • Product optimization to respond to present and future market demand
  • Floor plan analyses
  • Competitive shops and recommendations on interior features and finishes
  • Re-configuration of product to respond to changing market dynamics and market audiences
  • Assessment of land plan and product placement to maximize lot values and overall profitability
  • Consumer research to evaluate floor plans, amenities, architectural styles, location, and more. Research can be conducted through focus groups, online surveys, and phone surveys.
  • Identification of underlying market dynamics and drivers
  • Evaluation of competitive market
  • Assessment of market demand for potential land uses
  • Preparation and analysis of background data to support corporate land approvals
  • Assessment of underlying land value given land use opportunities
  • Land use optimization to enhance underlying property values
  • Target industry analyses
  • Land use assessment to identify “gaps” and opportunities to spur development
  • Identification of underutilized land for catalytic development
  • Recommendation of financially viable development programs
  • Competitive positioning for optimal economic development
  • Financial analysis and identification of necessary incentives to spur development

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